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Having a dog join your life is one of the greatest pleasures you will ever give yourself. And to have that life with your dog be harmonious is even more pleasurable. At Patience Unlimited you will be taught the Volhard Motivational Method, which will give you the proper tools to accomplish your goals and to have a life with harmony, love, companionship and fun. Being a Volhard Trainer/Instructor, Barbara believes the basis of the human and canine relationship begins with trust...creating a bond, training and good nutrition. A clear understanding of what is expected from each member is needed. Training a healthy dog is the step off point in training. A healthy mind and body produce a happy, healthy dog - one that will be able to focus clearly which results in a well trained companion for you and your family. With a combination of good nutrition, clear education in training and behavior...the dogs' and ours, is what Patience Unlimited will bring to you and your dog using the Volhard Motivational Method. Barbara believes in the Volhard philosophy, which has been around for over 35 years - begins with nutrition. Teaching is done from the dogs' view in a way the dog can truly understand. Every step is a piece of a building block approach to training.

Barbara Nagy
Professional Member
International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)
Tucson, Arizona

Patience Unlimited LLC and Barbara Nagy are not affiliated with any other person or entity claiming to provide dog training services. The combination of education, experience and training methods of Barbara Nagy, as provided via Patience Unlimited LLC, are unique to Barbara Nagy and Patience Unlimited LLC. Neither Barbara Nagy, nor Patience Unlimited LLC, endorse, recommend or vouch for the skill, qualifications or expertise of any other person or entity offering dog training services to the public for sale.

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